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No special hardware needed. Almost any video format will work.
Quickly compare laps recorded by different systems.
For Windows and macOS

What is Compare My Laps?

Compare My Laps is a program that allows you to quickly compare your recorded laps, no matter what type of camera you used to record them.

No need to invest in expensive equipment if all you want to do is compare videos. Moreover this program allows you to use videos recorded with different brands of cameras, which other systems don’t.

Want to compare your action camera footage to your friend’s Harry’s Laptimer video? No problem!

How do I use it?

Open the first video you want to use

Put markers where the laps start

Choose the video you want to compare with

See where you lose and win time

How to use Compare My Laps

Here is a video showing you how you slice your own videos in laps, how to compare them and how to realign laps once they get out of sync.

Posted by Compare My Laps on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Or select AiM Smartycam HD videos directly from the SD card to slice the laps automatically

How do I get it?

Download here and try the full version for free

For Windows 8 or higher
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For macOS 10.11 or higher
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